A Letter I Wrote To Myself About Getting Fat

So beautiful and so appropriate, may I also add the weight after having a child? Food for thought (I’m laughing through my hunger) as I evaluate my motivations for another detox/weight loss program I’m planning to get into.

Put On Your Happy Face

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 16

Shall we talk about your body?

Your body, which used to be thinner. Which you took for granted, because it fitted into cheap, tight dresses. Your body, which took you up and down Brixton Hill, every day, twice a day, never unheralded by catcalls, the stream of men and their “Oh baby hey baby nice tits nice ass hey WHERE YOU GOING?”

Your body was a girl’s body, made from dancing and late nights and skipped dinners, of hopefulness and sleeplessness and sadness. It took care of itself, or rather, you didn’t care that it couldn’t. It wasn’t for you, and so you didn’t mind that you couldn’t always afford to feed and nurture it. The admiration of others was nourishment enough. You often went to bed feeling empty. You thought it was heartbreak. It was probably hunger.

Then your body became plump with love.

Late dinners and later breakfasts…

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Cheap & Cheerful – DIY Baby Spa

I first encountered the term baby spa when I saw the agenda our relocation consultant gave us for our Singapore induction. I was a bit curious since this was not something that is widely known in the UK. BabySPA is the most common brand a session includes a swimming session, a massage and a haircut. The whole experience is supposed to stimulate the physical and mental development of the baby.

Here’s my version of it – you will need:


A place to swim – babySPA has lukewarm water but my daughter likes hot water

floatation device

A floatation device which goes around the baby’s neck


Toys – although I seem to enjoy this more than my daughter


and last but not least… a baby!

baby spa

This also doubles as bath time!

A trial session at the babySPA is $45++ which includes swimming and a massage. My version is $17 which includes the flotation device ($12) and toys ($5). I use Mustela massage oil but olive oil works great as well.

Handmade Plates

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 11.26.09

It amazes me how we have the ability to transform things – from a lump of clay into something utilitarian and beautiful.

Hello, I’m April. Pleased to meet you.


It all started when I kept posting a few recipes and a video on my Facebook page. I friend then commented “domestikada!”, a term meaning domestic goddess. I would love to reach the level where I can pit myself against Martha Stewart or challenger Gwyneth Paltrow but in the meantime welcome to my world – sometimes neat, oftentimes messy but always authentic.

…and there will be no more selfies here, ever.