Afternoon Tea at the W Singapore

I have to admit, I miss afternoon tea. There’s nothing like a few cups after a morning of shopping or getting dressed to meet your girlfriends for some gossip. My husband has sworn off afternoon all teas since he says all we do is talk about other people.

I was invited for afternoon tea to celebrate a birthday. Quite a different experience since it was warm (maybe an iced tea would have been better) and the view was of the sea and the spectacular W pool. It was fab just the same! Thanks to A & C for the invite 🙂


The sweets came in a cage. A CAGE!!! I Love it!


The deconstructed cheesecake in the mason jars were my fave.


The savouries were the best – I ate more than my share of the wasabi sashimi (ooops). The foie gras tarts (check out the bling!) and prosciutto burgers were tasty as well.

Afternoon tea at the Woobar is served daily from 15:00-17:00.


Kanin Club – my favourite Filipino restaurant (in the Philippines!)

I’m alive! Not sure if anyone’s noticed I was gone but I just got back from a long holiday in the Philippines and with food being at the heart of Filipino culture, every meet up / trip / activity was related to food. In fact, they way we say hello is “Kumain ka na?” which means “Have you eaten?” another is “Ang taba mo na!” which means “You’re so fat!” but let’s not go there.

I’ve been dying to eat authentic Filipino food since forever (well it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been back) so I finally tried one of my sister’s favourite restaurants. Kanin Club offers a fresh take on traditional Filipino dishes without the pretentiousness of other establishments 🙂


Sinigang Rice – the Filipino version of Thailand’s sour soup (Tom Yum) without the spice. It’s among the top 7 dishes that every Filipino cooks on a weekly basis. Although the original is a soup dish like Tom Yum, this is an exciting twist wherein we mix the flavours with rice. Pretty cool considering Filipinos eat everything with rice, even noodles!


Bicol Express – named after a city south of Manila (Bicol) where the cuisine is spicy and made with a lot of coconut milk. This version has wing beans and pork belly. Filipinos love unhealthy cuts of meat with lots of fat. Fact.

 Crispy Dinuguan – deep fried pork belly (unhealthy x 2) in blood. Yes really, pig’s blood. The sauce is made with pig’s blood and vinegar. This is a tricky dish because it can go horribly wrong, even in our family we only eat this dish when we know who is cooking it. This is a great version – couldn’t stop eating it.