Cheap & Cheerful – Cheng Li Yuan

I love Geylang.

It gets a bad rep from being the red light district of Singapore but it has an amazing local food scene. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Singapore, if that makes sense. I felt like I was in the streets of Vietnam or Bangkok – not the polished streets of District 1 or around Paragon but the gritty side streets that makes getting lost worthwhile.

Now Geylang is not easy to navigate. Since it is very local, there are times when English is sparse at best. So Chris and Steve (my sister’s lovely friends) recommended their favourite Chinese restaurant. Steve, bless him, texted me what to order in Chinese which saved me a whole lot of trouble since I just showed the waitress the SMS.


Watch out for this sign, it’s almost impossible to find the resto without this – and don’t be scared if all you see are groups of men drinking. I was the only female there aside from the waitress.


Pumpkin and salted egg (南瓜咸蛋黄) – an amazing starter


Eggwhite with crabmeat and broccoli (赛螃蟹). This is served with raw egg on top which the server will mix around and let cook in the dish’s heat. It’s then topped up with black vinegar for a tangy finish.


Cereal Prawn (麦片虾) – always a classic

Steve also recommended the beancurd skin (东北大拉皮) but we had too much already, maybe next time!

Cheng Li Yuan can be found at 136 Sims Avenue Singapore 387584.


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