Cheap & Cheerful – Soho’s Polpo

Soho is our go-to place whenever we want something casual, trendy and different. We’ve been wanting to eat in Polpo (Venetian food) for the longest time but walking in is impossible and reserving a table is near-impossible. Luckily, we were able to get one during our last Saturday in London. We almost didn’t when the host looked at us and said “Your reservation is for 2. You have a baby. That’s 3 not 2 people.” Maybe it was the look of hopelessness on our faces that made him move the seating arrangement a bit to accommodate us.



The food was simple and delicious. A welcome break after our mad dash to tick off London restaurants from our bucket list. I especially enjoyed the cuttlefish and ink gnocchi, gremolata. The lamb and pistachio meatballs were nice. I see a lot of pistachio popping up (we had a lemon and pistachio pasta at Zucca) so it must be a seasonal ingredient.


(L-R) Cuttlefish & Ink Gnocchi, gremolata / Pork shoulder & Pickled Pepper Pizette / Lamb & Pistachio Meatballs




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